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We are a close-knit team of highly creative industry professionals with exceptional qualifications specialising in film production with years of vast experience in wedding cinematography plus additional background experience in TV production, Music Videos, and Feature films.


With roots in professional screenwriting and narrative production, we, therefore, have a deep-seated philosophy of how to work together inciting, invoking and capturing your story.


Relishing every moment of the film-making process we are serious about our art form.

Using only the best production equipment and software the film industry has to offer we bring your story to life in a powerful way leaving you with beautiful and valuable moments you can revisit forever and share.

We have seen enough companies that provide 'template wedding videos' which capture the events but do not capture the emotion of the day or the story of the couple, losing all those precious moments forever.


 We know you deserve better.

 To capture passion it requires passion, time and understanding. We pride ourselves on being able to capture these beautiful stories properly in full for you to keep forever.

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-Video OTW Award 2017



noun /Caitlín/
{Kaf-lee n}

1.) A short filmmaker whom drinks too much caffeine for their own good

Blue Hair, Film Geek, Proud Reptile Owner & Living Proof That  Big Things Sometimes Come In  Small  Packages!

What do you do here?

Hey there, I'm Kathleen.

I am most likely the first person you will meet. I will be your main point of contact from that first message all the way to the final edit of your film!

I am the director of Salmon Crest Wedding Films which is just a fancy way of saying I'm the one who lets the rest of the team know what they are doing and help things run smoothly (I also get to do all the dull paperwork Yay!).

I guess you could see me as a person who works behind the scenes to help make the magic happen. 

I will also be the one who edits your final film working closely with you to get things just perfect!


(I also work on the colour correction, grading, sound design, shot lists, location manager etc but that is just too much to talk about).

What Is Your Favourite Film?

Hands down Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' (The Final Cut version).

I'm a bit of a nerd and I watch and study a lot of weird foreign films. There are too many hidden gems to mention like Metropolis, Valerie and her week of wonders sedimenstry.

(I'm also too much of a wuss for horror).

A little bit about me...

Straight up I kind of own a zoo in my house, I don't know how or when but I have ten snakes, a couple of geckos and axolotls, a friendly salmon pink birdeater tarantula (nope, she does not eat birds) and a chilled out scorpion who does not mind a snuggle.

My partner and I have just celebrated our eighth year together, we keep ourselves going through board games and our slight star wars obsession.


I also run my sister company Salmon Crest Pictures where I do music videos, short film and documentary.

In my spare time, I like to birdwatch, I essentially chase rare birds up and down the country hoping to get a glimpse of one. 

Experience and Qualifications?

I have my fair share of experience and qualifications.

I always knew I wanted to do film and pushed myself hard to achieve A*'s across the board in Music, Media and Art in Sixth-form

I then was lucky enough to be accepted by and then graduated from Met Film School, London, Ealing Studios with a BA Intensive in Practical Filmmaking. I have personally written, directed and edited over 80 films. 


I have also worked on over150 and counting including Feature & Live TV

You can see more of my experience on my sister website here. I am lucky enough that my work has reached as far as a screening in the House Of Lords. 'Agenda for Change'.


noun /Jayke/
{Jay-K }

1.)The quickest lens change cinematographer in the west.

A little bit about me...

I started making films at a young age using an old 90's camcorder and ever since have been obsessed with creating beautiful work with cameras. Jumped right into the industry armed with only a cheap camera 8 years ago and have never looked back.

Experience and Qualifications?

I've been filming weddings for over 8 years! So very comfortable with the work.

HND Digital Filmmaking Northampton College.

Worked with household names as a cinematographer for Argos, Sainsburys, Vattenfall, Pukka Herbs, Happy Egg Company, Reebok, RAM Records, River Island, Monsoon, The Green Party, IskySoft.

Hard Working, fast, team player, multi-tasked and dependable. Creative, energetic, high drive to succeed.

Five Star Personality?

I am not going to say it but let's see what some couples think...

Click to Expand Reviews

Certified Camera Ninja, Super Friendly! Crazy Creative With A Camera Insanely Talented & All-Round Nice guy.

What do you do here?

Hi I'm Jake

My job has many names, Wedding Film-maker, Wedding Cameraman, Wedding Videographer or Wedding Cinematographer.

Essentially I'm the guy who hold the camera (although there is a bit more to it than that..).

I take a very gentle approach to my wedding videography, so I will very rarely make you pose or ask that you take time out for a shot. Most of my work is very candid and natural, I take my best precautions to staying out the way but ensuring I get beautiful shots.

All my past customers have been great, It's a pleasure to be a part of someone's big day and to provide them with beautiful memories. Everyone is so friendly and happy during a wedding and I'm always treated warmly by the couples.

I also have been piloting drones for a long time and you could say I've now got quite a knack for it!


noun /Alek/
{A-li k}

1.) Freelancer, Creative, Not as pretentious as he looks

Very Friendly, Alec Hates Pina Coladas And Getting Caught In The Rain, But Will Happily Climb Fully Clothed Into A River In February If It Gets The Perfect Shot!

A little bit about me...

I've been working in the film industry for almost a decade, stepping on set for the first time in I think 2009, maybe 2010. Just a runner smearing concrete poles with Vaseline so that cement dust would stick to them. Good times. These days I have my own production company, Disco Stoat Productions, as well as my self-employed business. It's been a long road to get here and there's plenty more road to go, but I'm satisfied that it's at least the right direction. Wouldn't say no to a rich producer giving me a lift though. Hint.

Aside from getting my own stuff made, my only real goal in life is to help other people make their crazy films. I have knowledge, kit, contacts, and a reasonable amount of skill as a director, cinematographer or editor, so let me put that to use for you and together we can make some cool stuff. What more do you need?


Hire me.


What do you do here?

Alec has been part of the film industry for over ten years. With a degree in Film Production, he is very friendly but discreet. Alec hates Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, but will happily climb fully clothed into a river in February if it gets the perfect shot!

Experience and Qualifications?

I've been filming weddings for over 10 years.

BSc Film Production Technology Staffordshire University 

For List of Experience see link below




noun /Kukaflurun/


Cute And Feathery, Beautiful Crest,

Great Motivator, Sometimes Screeches Loudly!

What do you do here?

Kuku has been our business mascot since we launched our sister company, Salmon Crest Pictures, We chose KuKu as he represents Beauty, Fun and Hard Work and Care to make his nest and raise his chicks and these so happen to also be our company values, we go together like Jam and Cream, Moss and Twigs. 

Experience and Qualifications?

Kuku has been getting into trouble since launching our sister company which was a long time ago! He has plenty of experience which makes up for his lack of qualifications.



noun /Shayne/
{Shay ne}


What do you do here?


Shane Barber is a very versatile (and modest) highly talented individual.

I have been working with Shane for many years and he never fails to impress. 

Shane has an amazing knack of composing the music I have in my head before I even need to open my mouth.



Experience and Qualifications?

Shane's Music speaks for itself, just check out any of our short films on our sister website Salmon Crest Pictures such as hard water or caged bird with music composed by Shane.


A little bit about me...

SQWARK! *Ruffles Feathers*

Based In The USA, Music Virtuoso,Keytar Master! 

Highly Skilled, Smooth.

Salmon Crest

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A Wedding Videography company creating luxury bespoke wedding films throughout Warwick, Leicester, London, around the UK and Worldwide.